Hack the Earth is an online hackathon for creating environment-related projects with technology!

Hack the Earth 2020 is now online!


Themed around sustainability and the environment, Hack The Earth is a 36-hour weekend-long online hackathon where the brightest students invent and innovate new technology for the betterment of our planet. Environmental problems a massive challenge to the next generation and technology has a big role to play.

Let’s Hack the Earth.


Learn more at https://hacktheearth.ca


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$4,595 in prizes

All Submissions

Exclusive Hack the Earth 2020 t-shirt and stickers

All participants that submit a project are welcome to pick up a t-shirt and stickers following the COVID-19 lockdown in Waterloo.

First Place Overall

The best submission in Hack the Earth, decided by our judges!

Note: This category will cover all hacks. To be eligible for other hacks, you must fill in the requirements, and OPT-IN for the category.

$300 to a charity of your choice

Best Environmental Lifestyle Hack

Best Hack that makes the lifestyle of the individual more environmental.
(Eg. App that sorts recycling)

The hack has to promote an environmentally friendlier lifestyle in a creative manner.

2 Maplesoft Licenses

For each team member:


Creative Tim Big Bundle

Best Pollution Hack

The best hack that handles the issue of pollution, the introduction of any contaminants into the natural environment.

For each team member:

Raspberry Pi Zero W Kit

A year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro
A year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition

Best Climate Change Hack

Best hack that tackles the issue of climate change. Could be a hack that directly tackles the issue or a hack that shows the impact of it.

For each team member:

Google Home Mini

A year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro
A year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition

Best Natural Resources Hack

The best hack that handles the issue of the over usage of natural resources.

For each team member:

Pfennings Certified Organic Produce Basket. We will try to get something similar for your area!
Creative Tim Big Bundle

Best Animal-Wellbeing Hack

Animal well-being and the state of our environment are significantly interrelated. Thus, the best hack that promotes animal-wellbeing will win this prize.

For Each Team Member:

Stuffed Animal

6 months of 1Password Individual
Creative Tim Big Bundle

Best Sustainble Technology Hack

Best Hack that encourages sustainable technology in either the creation of the hack or its use.

For each team member:

Herb Growing Kit

A year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro
A year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition

Best Public Health Hack

The COVID-19 crisis has opened our eyes to the dangers that a pandemic can bring to our society. Thus, the best hack that deals with the issue of public health will win this prize.

For each team member:


A year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro
A year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition

Best Other Hack

Any hack that does not fall under the categories above is eligible for this prize.

For each team member:

XP-Pen G430S Drawing Tablet
Creative Tim Big Bundle

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Participants: Hack the Earth welcomes any university, highschool students, and graduates who have graduated in the last 12 months in up to teams of 4!

Countries: Submissions not from North America may be inelligible for certain prizes due to shipping.



In your submission include:

  • Video demo of your hack. Keep it under 3 minutes. (Required)
  • A link to a public GitHub repository with a README.md with instructions for using your code. (Recommended)


Al Woodhouse
Teacher/Specialist, Camp Heidelberg OEEC

Levi Moore
Teacher/Specialist, Wrigley Corners OEEC

Asem Rustum

Asem Rustum
Software Development Manager, Amazon

 Akarsh Sanghi

Akarsh Sanghi
Ex Product Lead at N26 Bank

Natalie Wennyk

Natalie Wennyk
Promotions Coordinator, Sustainable Waterloo Region

Sherry Xie
NLP Researcher and PhD. Student, University of Waterloo

Samantha Tremmel

Samantha Tremmel
80 by 50 Coordinator, ClimateActionWR

Jason Schattman

Ankur Dahiya

Ankur Dahiya
Engineering Manager, Infrastructure at Flexport, SF

Atif Mahmud

Atif Mahmud
Schulich Leader | UW Software Engineering '23

Judging Criteria

  • Environmental Impact
    How big of an impact does the project have on the environment?
  • Design
    Is the project well-made and polished? Does it fulfill its intended purpose?
  • Technical
    How technically challenging is the project? Were the right technologies chosen for the task at hand?
  • Creativity
    Is the project fresh or unique? Is it something that already exists but with a new twist?


  • Social Good